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April 17 2015


Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring - Tips for Women - Women Articles

The problem is the ring he got me. It just isn't what I had pictured when I imagined what my ring would resemble when someone motivated to marry me. And I do not think anyone of their right mind will need what I have where a diamond ring goes. I won't begin information regarding the ring itself but basically it's like he didn't put much thought into what I wanted, while I told him a number of specific stuff that I would hardly live without, anf the husband went ahead did when he pleased. He informed me that she would get me a another one when he returned in the states throughout this mid-tour leave (he or she is currently deployed in Iraq). Now he tells me he won't. Am I beyond line? Would you be satisfied with a hoop from Wal-Mart worth $90? I have caused it to be perfectly clear that I go about doing appreciate just what the ring symbolizes and that I love him regardless.

A bride with limited funds or even a bride that will not desire to employ a wedding consultant often wonders how difficult it can be to plan your individual wedding. With some organizational skills and creativity, you are able to handle the role of your own personal wedding coordinator. As is true with taking up any major project, you must do extracting each facet of planning your wedding reception into doable chunks, or download the free wedding consultant checklist from my Media Gallery.

There is a difference between ring and ring. Rings are worn by all persons but ring points too someone wearing that ring is engaged .It is a formal agreement to future marriage. The diamond engagement ring is presented using a man to his spouse after she accepts his marriage proposal. The wearing of ring within the fingers differs from place to place. In US and UK it can be worn in left hand during Poland it can be in right hand.

Moreover, various shapes and styles these rings come in market. These are round halo ring, pave set antique ring, antique split shank ring, pave diamond engagement ring etc. design for each ring looks unique, stylish and attractive. Though, for making these rings high effort is needed. These rings are produced with utmost care plus the materials which are used to make these rings are typical excellent materials. This is the major reason why the values of the rings are over ordinary rings.

Regardless of how productive the gemstone dealer is, a unethical wedding ring owner will usually attempt their best to scam you regarding the condition and valuation on any diamond engagement rings he or she provides. This is often to make certain highest possible earnings. Maybe probably the most experienced together with recognized diamond engagement ring merchant might be deceitful and can attempt to do that.

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September 01 2013


Facts About Jewelry Engraving - What You Must Be Careful About

You fall in love with someone special; without her your daily life seems meaningless and worthless. In her absence you really feel that you are alone and each time your talent want to see her such situation it will be better for you to propose her as well as communicate your feeling to her which can be done by presenting a stylish and attractive ring.

Consider purchasing your wedding day bands via a wholesaler. Your jeweler does. In fact, creating an online business, you will find there's good chance you will order through the same factory the local stores do. The cost difference is phenomenal because of the overhead associated in managing a storefront operation. The store has got to account for sales commissions, electricity, display cases and keeping a supply on hand for viewing. All of these costs improve the price that you are going to eventually pay for your set.

The first place nearly all women turn to while searching for a right-hand ring to get is the Internet. A lot of research can be carried out on the Internet when it comes to pricing and value prior to going out to the physical stores to see what is available up front and in person. Other online retailers only exist web so you have to order and await your shipment to reach before you can test it on and know whether you'll like it or dublin otherwise.

However, assuming you do not have a budget similar to the rich and famous, don't lose heart. Like most antique or Victorian designs, the cost of an original can be very expensive. However, the Asscher can certainly still seen at its finest with the aid of a small gem and an excellent cut. Unlike many stones for example the round brilliant, dimension is not as much a worry as quality. However, an jewellery valuers original gem of a good quality will probably be expensive only due to its age. You can buy reproductions on the market today at reasonable expense. Be prepared, they're not going to have the stamp with the family.

There are many strategies to buying cheap rings specially when a person is tight on budget. You can also get reduced rings at pawn shops. However, it is recommended that you avoid purchasing anything out there shops unless you have much idea about diamonds and their quality you may get cheated and turn out wasting your resources. But, when you have knowledge about genuine diamonds then you can consider getting a ring out there places as you might get a good deal in a much lower price. Thus, they were some important easy methods to buy diamond rings at the cheaper rate.

August 31 2013


How to Look After a Diamond Engagement Ring

You've found out about it again and again-diamond rings really are a girl's close friends! Okay-diamonds are a girl's best friend- however you know what we mean! When it comes to engagement or engagement rings, there is not any way you can beat a diamond! Which is ok - once you know just rings how to acquire her that perfect piece. Know what to find? Read on... and you will thank us forever!

But before buying your wedding ring for men then most critical thing that you must keep in mind is your allowance. You must set your financial budget before entering the jewellery store to enable you to have the notion of how much you would like to spend on your ring. You must never forget that choosing the right ring within your financial budget is very daunting task. But you will make your shopping process easier due to internet. There are many online jewellery stores offering top quality of diamond rings for guys at cheap pricing. By buying your ring online you can easily save your a huge selection of euros. Another benefit of shopping for your ring on the web is that you can keep your valuable time.

For men's diamond engagement rings, the designs less difficult simpler. The things to think about are the band's thickness, the metal that is to be used for that ring, along with the design. You can make a choice from yellow gold, white gold and platinum for the ring metal. Designs can include embellishments with diamonds, engraving or texture. Some couples also prefer matching rings but it is also becoming popular to use different designs for the rings. Many grooms want to choose the plain wedding ring as it is low maintenance and is easy to wear every single day. It is designed subtly using a milgrain or possibly a masculine braid. Some men also elect to have a channel setting with diamonds as this kind of setting fully protects the diamonds and look cleaner.

The rate cut provides the diamond a brilliant allure of beauty that is similar to fire. This is the reason why the cut is a vital aspect that should be taken into consideration when one sets about with a search for diamond rings. This aspect should not be compromised on jointly could sacrifice another Cs. Remember to never opt for a rating below 'Good' (GIA) or 'Cut 5' (AGS) for that cut.

While most each woman adores diamonds, there are still plenty of ladies around that don't want the usual style that everybody else has. While a simple diamond ring is gorgeous to many people women, you can find unconventional women around who aspire towards unique. They love the look and appeal of diamonds, and yet they don't need to follow the crowd and wear exactly the same style that everyone else does. For these girls that march to the beat of these owner drummer, these fabulous diamond rings certainly are a terrific choice.

Engagement Rings Are Perfect Gift for Expressing Your Loved and Making Commitment

Do you like jewelry? And would you love precious stones because they're so amazing which they really capture your attention and even your soul? Precious stones are great and they all have their own own personality and aura. If you are looking to buy some precious stones for either yourself or a loved one you should consider buying a precious stone that will fit that persons personality. Each precious stone possesses its own precious color and style. Depending on the kind of person that you are receiving this for, you need to not only choose a stone, but you also need to select the jewelry.

Selecting this can be difficult due to the various designs available inside the market today. If you look at all of the ones available, it's quite possible that you will get confused. However, should you just go out searching for the preferred style of your beloved, it will be simpler in your case. The reason behind this is that most diamond rings appeals to you inside the first look making the whole process of selection difficult and cumbersome in your case.

For men's diamond engagement rings, the designs less difficult simpler. The things to think about are the band's thickness, the metal that is to be used for your ring, and also the design. You can make a choice from yellow gold, white gold and platinum for the ring metal. Designs range from embellishments with diamonds, engraving or texture. Some couples also prefer matching rings but it is also becoming in fashion to use different designs to engagement rings the rings. Many grooms want to choose the plain wedding ring as it is low maintenance and is easy to wear each day. It is designed subtly using a milgrain or a masculine braid. Some men also decide to have a channel setting with diamonds simply because this kind of setting fully protects the diamonds and search cleaner.

The right accessories are just as much a part of setting up a special moment in the wedding as the gown itself. They can either complement or draw out of the perfect dress. Some backpacks are gifts or family heirlooms. Sometimes it is justification to splurge for the pearl earrings and choker you might have always wanted, but never felt were an appropriate purchase because you wanted them.

After you pick the perfect dress, it is then time for you to move on to discovering the right jewelry to accentuate your beautiful dress. Depending on the neckline and intricacy from the dress' details, you will need to wear a necklace, set of earrings and bracelet. Below are some suggestions for methods to add amazing sparkle for your wedding look without them overwhelming your overall appearance.

July 29 2013


Features of Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery cost is a major factor determining saleability of bijou stock. Unlike normal outlet items like clothing or shoes, jewellery has variations of specifications, each of them affecting final pricing combined with the changing demand cycles in market. Gold price fluctuations, high prices due to non-availability of diamonds and seasonal trends bring huge variations in price of knickknack. At the same time, the appearance of shopping on the web comparison engines has given customers the ability to zero in on the best priced jewellery for almost any specification. This makes it very important to jewellery manufacturers to prudently set the tariff of their items in an attempt to meet the twin objectives of earning a decent profit and also ensuring saleability with their wares. Here are some factors that ought to be considered so that you can price your jewellery:

When it comes to determing the best choice of a diamond jewellery piece, you might want to consider whom you would be getting the diamonds for. For most of us, we've several important women in your lives so we want to Safe Deposit Box make sure they are all covered this Easter season getting them each a distinctive piece of diamond jewellery they all will cherish for the rest of their life. For the mothers, mother-in-laws, grandmothers, daughters, daughter-in-laws, granddaughters, and of course your wife or spouse in your life, you want to make sure that you examine precisely what your options are and what you think would work perfect for each one of them.

Go to jewellery stores and have the market price for your type of diamond you are looking for. Look at the company's stones they may be quoting you. Make sure comparing prices that you compare apples to apples. This is actually tough to do. For example, minor differences in cut and proportions may have a severe effect on a stone's price and wonder. A most significant point to remember just isn't to compare the cost of a certified diamond at a cost of a diamond which is just not certified. You may be looking for a surprise. Ask for a Safety Deposit Boxes Bank of Ireland href="http://merrionprivatevaults.ie/"> certificate. There are several Independent Laboratories available. The most well-known is GIA, the Gemological Institute of America. GIA has done a great service through providing the public a metric to compare diamonds and diamond prices from different suppliers, jewellers and dealers. Nonetheless, if you do not know the rules in the game, even this won't assist you to. Other well-known laboratories include EGL, DIA and JCSA.

There are several marvelous jewellery brands established round the globe that there is no dearth of variety and also quality inside the display of knickknack. You will find the simplest design in addition to the most detailed out design in the same store. Several gemstones determined in unique sorts of setting and several metals put down in unique kind of polish are generously available in the market. There are exquisite bracelets, gorgeous earrings, eternally beautiful engagement rings and bands and many more. So a piece of jewellery is the safest and also the most blessed gift on your loved ones.

There are many reasons why people provide gift of diamonds. Although love is the biggest part, financial security is additionally important. The reality is that financial health can profoundly impact a relationship. A gift of diamond jewelry acknowledges that will reinforces a want to add value over time to the relationship. If you are capable to do so, purchasing diamonds as raw stones after which having them cut into beautiful components of jewelry is a wonderful way to give your spouse a distinctive, customized piece of diamonds, while realizing an instantaneous return on investment value. The ability of diamonds to express love in numerous permanent and special ways makes expensive jewelry the perfect gift for just about any occasion.

July 06 2013


Engagement Rings - Save Money and Make Your Selection Wise

There are so many fascinating information about diamonds. There is a lot more to them than the diamond rings we see in jewellery stores along with the elaborate jewellery worn engagement rings hatton garden by Hollywood's celebrities. We have been told often times that diamonds certainly are a girl's best ally but you will find number of other interesting fact about diamonds that you could not be conscious of.



1) Prepare a small bowl which includes good depth which will be filled with the mandatory cleaning solution to the ring. The solution that needs to be used mustn't be strong. A mild option is highly recommended like dish detergent.
2) Next, prepare second bowl that will be used for rinsing. This is because others would rinse the ring in the sink but accidentally allow the ring slip and fall.
3) Use a mild brush in cleansing the antique ring. You must use caution in brushing the ring, gentle enough to not scratch the ring along with the stone. A good example of brush which you can use is toothbrush that have been made or manufactured for youngsters. This is because the kid's toothbrush commonly has soft bristles. This can be ideal to the ring given it could not affect its metal setting.
4) Wipe the water off from the ring with a lint free cloth.
5) Then make a toothpick that can be used to the cleaning procedure as well.



Carat with the diamond is certainly one among the variables that determines its price. The price of a diamond increases while using increase in its carat unit. Color and clarity are variables that grade the price with the diamond. The combination of clarity, color and cut makes any diamond highly valued and precious because they are considered the purest diamonds available. The perfect cut and proportion from a low quality would appear more beautiful and in addition degrade the need for a high quality diamond. Thus, perfect cutting is essential to increase the price with the diamond. The absence of flaws and chemical impurities boosts the clarity of a diamond and thus increases its monetary value. Before paying for the diamond, you can examine whether each of the five C theories match with it.

The cut of your diamond could be the design employed to shape diamonds and it is affected by the symmetry and polish with the outcome. The smoother along with the more symmetrical a diamond is, the harder expensive it really is. On the other hand, a diamond's clarity denotes to its visual, external and internal appearances. When a diamond has a high clarity, it really is commonly more expensive.

Even though a dark diamond reflects an awesome and masculine attribute, it is usually appreciated through the women alike. You may even gift such a ring for your lady love. The fact that Carmen Electra was assigned her first giant black rock in the 90's, it's got gained a lot more popularity ever since then. Rings collections include solitaire, engagement-wedding, heart, three stone and more.

Top 4 Tips For Selecting a Piece of Jewellery for Someone You Love

Jewelry designing is often a never ending process since it changes using the changing fashion. It is often a thing which not merely women wish to wear but also the men. There are variety of jewelry designs available. If you are creative and wish to design jewelry with something unusual looks and fashoins, then jewelry design is the better platform. This is platform where you can not merely use your creativity but can create your individual beautiful outfit which can make you feel on top of the heaven. So just say goodbye to those cold designer jewelry which you have stored in your wardrobe. Start exploring and become creative and I am sure you will end up with something which will be beautiful and adorable. This is the platform where sky is not the limit. There is no end of creativity. You can blend the most up-to-date designs using the traditional designs to produce unique fashion jewelry. You just need to have few ideas and tools to start up with your individual designing. You can design your individual engagement ring or a diamond necklace. However, if you aren't so creative then you need not have to worry much as there is often a variety of designer jewelry available in the market. Just catch up using the latest fashion design jewelry and change your collection with these stylish and trendy ones. This guide will help you using the latest designs in jewelry from where you can find the one which you really feel most comfortable to utilize. Following are a couple of mind-blowing fresh design jewelry sets:



And if you've decided to propose your lady but you are confused then go and buying a perfect diamond ring for your beloved. But generally men're left baffled after they go for shopping. There are many men who have no knowledge about jewellery. Generally their area of interest is cars and gadgets. And its only one time in lifetime that they have to buy an engagement ring. But there is you should not get tense because here you will find few tips engagement rings that helps you in getting a great engagement ring on your sweetheart.



An item that is presented with an auction can automatically be considered an object of value. Therefore, 9 carat gold diamond rings sold at auctions can be viewed as to be a much more valuable than these sold at jewellery shops. Of course, its glamorous history can significantly improve the value of the ring, so anticipate to spend a large sum for this type of magnificent piece.

Upon picking out a theme for the ring, the happy couple must pick which stones are to be placed on the ring. With the past, present, and future theme, a diamond is typically in the center of the three stone ring and is meant to represent the near future. Two or one other kind(s) of stone will probably be on either side of the diamond. Another idea is always to make the center stone the bride's birth stone, along with the birth stone can in turn be flanked by diamonds. The possibilities are endless. It truly is around what is most critical to the happy couple.

Marriage requires consensus in the broadest a sense the word and yet, there are only both of you needed to achieve it.  Living your life as a couple will need sacrifice and you may be assured the rough edges of your personality will end up much more rounded because you explore and conform to one another; a feature of a good marriage is both spouses aim to improve themselves each other and after all, life changes us once we go through it no matter how obstinate our personalities could possibly be. 

June 28 2013


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Giving Jewellery in Valentine's Day

Why choose solitaire engagement rings in an era when unique wedding sets and individualized designs look like the most popular kind of engagement and wedding jewelry? The traditional diamond solitaire gemstone, featuring its elegance, remains the tried and true favorite symbol of love inside our otherwise-complicated society.

It is indeed practical to settle for cheap white gold engagement rings than purchase those diamond rings that can cost you a fortune. Engagement is only the beginning and the wedding planning will proceed and then and so since the honeymoon. It would be easier to allot your allowance evenly so you'll avoid getting numerous debts as soon as the wedding.

The solitaire ring, featuring its not-so-subtle message concerning the future, comes to be a beacon signaling future happiness. When putting that ring around the finger of your respective loved one symbolizes the love and commitment you've for each other. The ring around the finger over a woman will be the first step in starting a family group. The two of has decided to become one and most likely they will adding to their loved ones in years into the future.

They are one of the costliest gems you are able to buy
Diamonds are one of the most costliest gems you are able to buy, and according to the type of http://voltairediamonds.ie/index.php/en_US/engagement-rings/ diamond, may cost more than a house. Make that, two houses! In fact, the more costly swimsuit was featured in New York fashion week in 2005. It cost a whopping US$18 million. The diamonds found in the swimsuit surrounded the historical 103-carat Golconda diamond.

It is a well-known fact that diamonds will be the hardest known stone on the planet and has to be able to reflect any light. Diamond pricing is dependent upon the stones size, weight, clarity, and purity. No two diamonds will be the same, some are classified as industrial grade meaning they are utilised in industry to sharpen steel or cut stone products. Although these stones are incredibly expensive still, they may be highly desired.

June 25 2013


Importance of Designer Engagement Rings

Picking the right diamond engagement ring can crumble the confidence of perhaps the most stalwart of males.You think she'll love whoever you hire (in fact, it's a diamond!), however, you want to get it right. You want her to understand that you pay enough awareness of her personal style and taste that you simply can select the ring she would pick for herself. So the big question is, in the event you go traditional or modern?

Cartier diamond engagement rings are the most ideal symbol for memorable moments of love. Its distinct and complex designs are incomparable on a vacation ring. Cartier rings can have platinum, gold and white gold band. They are among the first brands who discovered the wonders utilizing platinum for a ring. It is a great complement for a diamond stone because it improves its brilliance more. Cartier rings move across the hands of the best master jewelers that are artists too. A ring is carefully planned from its design to its final polish.

Naturally buying the ring comes easily to many. In the movies, a guy simply pulls the ring box out of his pocket while he proposes. As if by magic he knows precisely what style and jared engagement rings type of ring she's going to love and gets the size right too! But in actual life it is harder to make it right. So to be sure that your buying experience goes as smoothly as possible, get your preparation right!

Your natural reaction is always to question why the costs are so much lower online. You probably estimate that their diamonds are of the lower quality, as well as worse, they are Blood diamonds. The fact is this: your neighborhood diamond store provides extensive more overhead (expenses) than the typical online retailer. The local store has got to rent or buy the office space and pay every one of the associated costs of occupying a building, let alone pay a full-time staff to operate there. As such, they've no choice but to charge an increased price because of their products in order to make their cash back. It's not underhanded or unfair--that's only the way it can be. Online retailers don't face nearly how much expenses his engagement rings ireland or her in-store competitors, this also means they're able to pass the savings on top of the customer.

In fact, it will likely be exciting idea to look on some local stores and departmental stores to analyze market of diamond engagement ring, it quality and prices too. You can also compare the costs that you get in the different shops you visit while using sorts of prices that you simply find online. If you found any alluring and appealing diamond engagement rings that attracted you, then you can definitely also search for the same on online jewelry stores and compare the costs with local store for the greatest deal. These are process through which you can get diamond diamond engagement rings of her choice within your budget.

June 20 2013


Diamond Rings - Nothing Says I Love You Like It

If you want to tell one of the most precious an affiliate your life that you simply love her so much that you simply are willing leave her with your past, present, and future; the simplest way to do so is as simple as gifting her a three stone band. You may have tried to express this emotion in words however, you know how pompous and cliched it sounds whenever you say it or jot it down. Human language is inadequate to the expression of these emotions.



The first anniversary - the standard gift to the first anniversary is paper. Now this could have you thinking, I'd rather go with something else, it doesn't seem crucial. However there are many great paper present ideas. Concert tickets, or any ticket to a special event is a great first anniversary gift. It's something you can enjoy together try to remember.



There are many reasons for choosing your jewellery online. You can find the internet stores engagement rings hatton garden offering large choice of diamond engagement rings including solitaire diamond rings to a few stone diamond rings. You can find such styles also which you'll not discover in physical stores. Hence shopping on the web gives you a better choice with regards to styles, designs, metals and sizes. So you can easily buy a ring according diamond rings uk to your specification. Generally the physical stores do not offer such large collection thus making your shopping process more annoying.

There are three common metallic elements we use in making jewelry, the gold, silver, and platinum. Gold is the most used in any kind of jewelry, whether it's a necklace, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. There two colors for gold, the yellow as well as the white. In some cases, jewelers mix their settings for any more beautiful design. Silver can be common and much cheaper than gold. This can be also a good material for setting. Platinum on the other hand is the most expensive metal among three. This is extremely rare also. 50-tone pile of ore is engagement rings needed to mine and create 50 grams of pure platinum. This metal can resist attacks from air, water, single acids and ordinary reagents, that's why it is regarded as the toughest metal around.

Fitted or curved wedding bands are shaped to fit around your diamond engagement ring, allowing them to sit cozily together jointly beautiful unit. Fitted wedding bands are extremely popular as it allows the wedding ceremony ring to relax neatly and evenly with the diamond engagement ring, as well as the two rings then look like they belong together (like everyone else and your spouse).

Heart Shapes Make Highly Symbolic Engagement Rings

The exuberance of diamonds is unbeatable. Diamond jewelry with transparent or clear diamonds in them is purchased by a lot of people. However, the trend of diamonds is growing. Blue happens to be one of the finest and a lot attractive colors in diamonds along with comparison to diamonds, colored ones are preferred by many people.



Tip 1: Fill some warm water in a small bowl or possibly a cup, and drip some neutral detergent in to the water. Next,soak the ring diamond rings uk into water and lightly brush it with toothbrush. Then use a sieve to trap the ring and fix it with warm water. Finally, slightly pat the ring using a piece of soft cloth until it really is dry.



Chocolate diamond rings are classy bits of hand jewelry using a rich glow of brownish color. They are quite rare and unique, with all the coloring permitted by their chemical make-up. Chocolate ring popularity is because of its rarity and sweetness. A small percentage (less than 1%) of diamonds extracted are diamonds with the chocolate variety. As a result, some with the more expensive rings with chocolate colored diamonds can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Solitaire setting is quite versatile so because of this it looks good with all the shapes of diamond, carat and colour. And always keep in mind that if you select unusual shape for your ring it will make your ring look more fantastic. And as the name suggests you will have only single diamond and so it catches the lighting and is seen easily. And always keep in mind that this is the only setting which looks good with large diamonds and smaller diamonds also.

Eternal: Platinum is very dense, rendering it more durable than other jewelry metals. In comparison, platinum is all about 40% heavier than 18k gold and 60% heavier than 14k gold. Platinum does not change shape or wear away after years of use. Platinum does scratch, just like any other metal, however, if it does, no metal engagement rings london is lost but is merely merely displaced. When gold scratches, the metal is actually lost. This explains why gold rings need new half-shanks after a few years people, while platinum rings usually do not. Many people feel at ease using platinum since they know their precious and sentimental stones are held firmly and securely.

Get Custom-Made Rings Designed For Your Beloved

Often it is often seen or realized that people usually miss out on expressing their fascination with their partner after marriage. With a hectic schedule, they usually lose the romance which was their before marriage. But then again, who is able to blame them? With such responsibilities lined up, can i find time and energy to express love? Knowing every one of these things, the anniversary rings were introduced just to solve every one of these concerns. These engagement rings rings truly express the love, dedication and commitment which have been shared between both you and your lady love. It earns the passion and love which was long missing within your relationship.



Sapphire diamond rings are available at a number of online jewelry shops and you can buy one as outlined by your affordability. You can spend a couple of hundred dollars to thousands as outlined by your budget. Just make sure which you buy sapphire diamond rings from authorized dealers only. There is no point of walking into a newly opened shop in the marketplace or an unknown retailer on the internet. You may end up with defective gemstones and metals like that.



• Colorful band - If the woman is unconventional and loves to wear jewelries that are very different then colored diamond rings are a fantastic selection. There are wide kinds of colors that are offered like yellow, blue, red, green, pink then one can choose based as outlined by ones choices and preferences. As many color imaginable you would get them as mother earth naturally forms these colors. Hence go ahead a splash some colors onto your ring.

The things we possess have value usually dependant on how much we have been willing to purchase it. So you could possibly want to give you a loved one a special gift otherwise you are a man who aspires to propose to the woman you love. What kind of ring would be worth the investment? All I can say is that I give two thumbs up to investing in antique diamond rings.

If that happens in which you don't feel like going to a store and dealing with all the customer satisfaction you have been having so you won't be able to shop what you're looking for online, then try getting magazines and ordering off those. Most jewelry stores have magazines with either sale or for free of their jewelry so you can actually pick up that to invest more time taking a look at it so you'll be able to order from the same store which you stood there for hours taking a look at all of their engagement rings.

March 01 2013


Why 25% of my sales come from Facebook marketing

Voltaire Diamonds’ founder Seamus Fahy reveals how clever use of Facebook’s business services has boosted his company’s revenues

“About 25% of our sales come from Facebook,” says Seamus Fahy, founder of Dublin-based jewellery company Voltaire Diamonds, which specialises in engagement rings. “In that respect it’s our second most important channel.”

“It’s interesting the primary channel is not search but another form of social media in the shape of wedding oriented forums. YouTube and search engines are also important sources of new customers.”

Rather than selling through a shop, the company keeps costs (and ultimately prices) down by arranging face-to-face meetings with potential customers at its offices in Dublin and London, where it targets young Irish couples based in England. Without a shop to showcase its product, Voltaire’s marketing is focused online, and Facebook is a key point of contact.
Mix paid-for and free services

Voltaire currently has around 25,000 ‘fans’ liking its Facebook page and Fahy uses paid and unpaid promotional tactics to get his message across. Since combining the approaches in the past two years, Fahy says he’s noted significantly higher distribution and reach in terms of direct enquiries.
Create a content strategy

A key tactic is the regular posting of high resolution images of rings, augmented by videos and always accompanied by a call to action. “We always ask people what they think,” he says. “This increases engagement. I’ve developed the content strategy by trial and error, experimenting to see what works.” Having fine-tuned the approach, Fahy estimates that the company spends around 30 minutes a day posting and responding and adds a new piece of content around four times a week.
Target your key customer segment

By providing high quality content, Fahy has increased the reach messaging. “Very often people will see an image and click like – so it goes viral.” But it’s his approach to Facebook’s paid-for services that have enabled him to target his ideal customer. Ads have enabled him to build his followers in what he sees as the key demographic of 26-34 year-old women, the age when people tend to get engaged, he says. He says the demographic accounts for around 95% of his hits.

“I tried Google, but people weren’t clicking on the sponsored links and we’re high as an organic result on search pages anyway. I also tried LinkedIn, but didn’t see the value as I couldn’t target the right demographic. A lot of people say on Facebook when they’re getting engaged and change their status. When I pay for a Sponsored Story ad, for €100 we get 60 new fans, plus 60 that look at it, but don’t click ‘like’.”
Value the browsers too

It’s not lost on Fahy that even those users entering the bottom of the marketing funnel may have future value to Voltaire having discovered the brand. And when he entered a product partnership with haute couture milliner Philip Treacy to develop a unique range of engagment rings, a video was distributed using Promoted Posts to tell users about it. The posts reached 160,000 for a cost of €300, says Fahy.

Thus, by using a mix of paid and unpaid Facebook tools and services Fahy has successfully used the social network to reach a very specific audience at the time of their lives when they are most receptive to his message.

Seamus Fahy is the founder of Dublin and London-based Voltaire Diamonds
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